When you purchase a good or service online, you are participating in e-commerce. Most firms that engage in e-commerce are large ones, mostly in the IT sector. Meaning, there is a need for sensitization among business firms. Taxi Tech Company Uber, although until recently, owned no cars, is worth more than Volkswagen. Airbnb, which simply Read more about ECOMMERCE IN AFRICA[…]


The Communications authority of Kenya is the regulatory authority for the communications sector in Kenya. It was established in 1999 by the Kenya information and communications Act,1998, the Authority is responsible for facilitating the development of the information and communications sectors including postal and courier services. The Communications Authority provides for different categories of courier Read more about REGULATION BY THE COMMUNICATION AUTHORITY OF KENYA[…]

How the Private Sector is Shaping African E-Commerce

According to The growth of the Internet can generate significant economic opportunities in Africa, in particular when it comes to e-commerce. What are the challenges hindering the development of African e-commerce, and how can the private sector reap the opportunities? After the dramatic take-off of mobile telephony in Africa, the growth of the Internet is Read more about How the Private Sector is Shaping African E-Commerce[…]