Our Terms

The Courier shall not be responsible for any loss, damage, destruction due to accidental or natural disaster..

No action against the company in respect of any claims arising out of carriage of goods shall be made tangible unless written notice of such claim is given to the company within fifteen days.

The company may refuse to hand over the consignment if in doubt of the identity of the consignee.

The consignee will be required to produce sufficient acceptable identification or any other acceptable authorization if deemed necessary

No claim will be acceptable for perishable goods

Goods that require movement permits are not acceptable without an official permit.

We are not responsible for any legal action.

Cash or anything equivalent to cash is not is not accepted by the courier service.

The company shall not be held responsible for breakable goods

The courier service is only allowed to transact within working hours

For valuable goods and parcels insurance against damage or loss while on transit.