January 21, 2016


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We offer space to ecommerce clients to rent and store there
When the orders arise Mambo Express will provide immediate
delivery to any part of the country.
This will help the ecommerce clients serve their clients better and
How we do it….
The merchandiser delivers the products to mambo express
Mambo express codes the products and input proper description with the help of the merchandiser.
Merchandiser do what they do best…online marketing of their products and take up orders.
The merchandiser passes on details of the product and client to ME to organize the delivery to client
ME delivers the products to the clients and ensure payment is done on behalf of the client and bank the
payment to their account by end of day.
By the end of day ME sends a report to the merchandiser about the products delivered , money collected,
customer feedback and stock remaining.
Why mini warehousing??
• Our storage spaces come in all shapes and sizes. You can upsize or downsize your
storage space at any time depending on your business needs.
• we offer 24-hour secure access, 365 days of the year. This makes our mini
warehousing service ideal for restocking as well as long term storage.
• With mini-storage there are no additional costs like utilities, maintenance or
service charges. You’re only paying for the space, because that’s all you need.
• you can rent a storage space for as long as you like and you only need to give us 7
days’ notice. This is ideal for those tricky situations where you’ve got excess stock
arriving immediately and need somewhere private and secure to keep it.
• We can help you determine what type of space fits your business best. Whether
it’s e-commerce mini warehousing or something more substantial, we’ve got a
space for you.
• Immediate delivery when clients place their orders.
• Less hustle especially for people who do online selling as a part time
business….all you need to do is get the orders, the rest ME hanles!!
Cost implication


Mambo Express offers Fast, safe and efficient mail collection and distribution services at low cost to you.

We handle customer parcels with utmost strictness & confidentiality. We ensure the parcels reach the intended recipients as fast as possible without any damages.

Making your loved one feel special made easier. Fast gift and flower deliveries within Nairobi & its environs.


We do offer business registration services on behalf of our clients. Both sole proprietorship & limited liability companies are covered We bank cheques for our clients Bill payments KRA services NSSF and NHIF applications and payments.

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Dedicated Services

Instead of having an in-house messenger/rider we offer dedicated riders. This is where we provide a fully serviced motorbike and rider who reports to the clients office at the specified working hours to be used at their disposal. Get In Touch